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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gluten-Free Spring Rolls and Gluten-Free Protein Chocolate Chips Cookies

2 recipes: Spring Rolls and Gluten-Free & Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies

First Recipe: Spring Rolls

Made these spring rolls for the first time.  Messy, but they were yummy!!  Light and refreshing.  It was actually easy making spring rolls, just perfecting the rolls part were not easy.

What you need: 
(you can see the picture below that will show you what I had to make spring rolls) ~Rice Paper, ~shredded or sliced carrots ~ sliced cucumbers, ~ 1 boiled chicken breast, sliced (I cooked the chicken breast ahead of time early in the day so I could put these in the refrigerator until ready to use. Just water boil the chicken breast in the saucepan.  Remove the chicken breast out of the saucepan and let cool before you seal it in an air tight container and let it chill a few hours until ready to prepare spring rolls) ~ sliced avocados, ~ chopped basil, mint, and cilantro ~ red pepper flakes ~ grated fresh ginger root, and lastly ~ juice of a lemon, ~green leaf or Boston leaf

For the herb part: chop a bunch of cilantro finely and as well as mint and basil. Place these into a small bowl.  Add grated fresh ginger to it.  About 3 tsp.  Dash of red pepper flakes.  Stir well and set aside.
To prepare spring rolls:
(you can see the pictures below for visual instruction)
Wet the rice paper under running warm water for 5-10 seconds and place it on a plate one at a time.  Add few ingredients to the rice paper (carrots, cucumber (2 slices) , chicken (2 slices), avocado (2 slices), and 1 small lettuce leaf.  Squeeze some lemon juice over them.  Then a spoonful of herb mixture over them.  Lastly, wrap it up into a roll (see the picture how to do it below).  Repeat.  I made enough to make 7 rolls.  Only 5 shown in picture was because my husband and I ate one to see if they were yummy or not.  Oh yes!  Heavenly Delicious yummy!

My first attempt making spring rolls.  Not perfect but not bad for the first time.

Any brand will do.  As long as it is rice paper with clean ingredients.
Read the instruction on the back of it.
The ingredients.  You can get as creative as you can if you do not want any of these ingredients I used
How to prepare the spring rolls.  How to wrap it in a roll.
Next step...
Viola!  Done.
First attempt to take a bite of my first homemade spring roll.  So good!  

Second Recipe:  Gluten-Free Protein Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies (Credits to

I got this recipe from someone on Instagram.  I modified the recipe just a little bit.  They used carob chips and my husband is not a fan of those.  So, I used dark chocolate chips instead.  (Above 60% cacao)

What you need: 
(According to I will insert my alternative ingredients on here
~1 TBS almond butter ~1/2 cup oats (I used rolled oats and be sure to read the label that states Gluten-Free), 1 scoop of protein powder (I made 2 separate batches, first batch was Muscle Milk Red Velvet Cake Protein Blend and second batch was ISOPURE Banana Cream Whey Protein Isolate ~1 egg white ~1 packets of stevia (I used 1 tsp of stevia powder) ~1/4 cup carob chips (I used dark chocolate chips)

(My trick is to smother your hands with coconut oil or olive oil to keep the wet dough mixture from sticking to your hands, trust me on this one!  First batch, I had hard time dropping cookie dough onto cookie sheet.  The dough stuck to my hands and I had to wrestle these out of my hands!  2nd batch, I smothered my hands with oil, successful!) 
Bake at 350 degrees for about 6-8 minutes (7 minutes for me).  Makes 6-10 cookies (6-7 for me) depending on how big you make them.  

Use my trick to form the sticky wet dough balls with oily hands!
Viola!  My husband ate 3 of red velvet cake protein chocolate chip cookies the minute they were out of the oven!  He couldn't resist.  I had to wait until it was time for the pre-workout bites.    Great pre and post workout bites!  Or snack bites!
 They were so heavenly delicious!  Enjoy!

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes By Meli Emmons