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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cilantro Lime Coconut Curry Chicken Stir Fry

This may seem a lot of work to make this dish but I promise it is not!   They are absolutely clean and healthy dish to have!  My kids and husband loved this dish and so would you!  Go and make this dish!  I dare you!

Cilantro Lime Coconut Curry Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

For the stir fry

 What you need:
~1 pound thin sliced boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut up into biting sizes.  See the picture  below where you will see chicken cut ups in the white bowl)
~1/4 to 1/3 cup of lime juice
~half bunch of cilantro, chopped
~1 bag of broccoli slaw
~3 heads of broccoli
~1 can of full fat coconut milk
~1/2 tsp of hot chili sauce
~1TBS of coconut oil
~1 to 2 tsp of fresh ginger, minced
~1 to 2 tsp of garlic, minced
~3 tsp of tapioca starch (if you don't have it, use gluten-free corn starch)
~1/3 cup of low sodium chicken broth
~2 TBS coconut curry powder

For the quinoa

What you need:
~1 cup of quinoa
~2 cups of low sodium chicken broth or water (I used chicken broth for taste)

Ingredients.  Not everything is in the picture, be sure to read the ingredients provided above the picture.

Start with quinoa first before you cook stir fry.

Direction for the quinoa:
Follow the instruction according to the quinoa box or bag.

Stir Fry

Place coconut oil into wok or a large deep skillet pan.  Heat it at medium-high.  Throw in garlic and ginger, and cook for a minute and don't let garlic burn.  Then add chicken and cook until cooked through. Then add a whole can of coconut milk, lime, coconut curry powder, hot chili sauce, vegetable broth, and tapioca starch.  Stir all that in very well.  Stir until the sauce gets a little bit thick.  If not, add more tapioca starch, more or less.  If it gets too thick, add more vegetable broth.  Do it a little bit at a time.  When the sauce gets thick enough to your liking and hot enough (soft boils) then add in broccoli and broccoli slaw into pan or wok and stir well.  Let it cook for about 5 minutes.  You do not want soggy vegetables.  Lastly, add fresh cilantro and some more of lime juice if you feel it needs some more.  Stir again.  
Enjoy your stir fry over quinoa or brown rice or rice noodles or by itself.

garlic and ginger cooked in coconut oil
lime juice
found in the bulk area at Central Market and Im sure whole food market sells some too or any other local food stores.
This is better than corn starch but it will do if you do not have any T.S.
hot chili sauce.  I wouldn't go more than 1/2 tsp.  coconut curry powder is spicy enough!
You can use any kind of broth.
Beautiful colors!
Add in cilantro at last.
It's ready!
They were heavenly delicious!  I had some the next day for my lunch without quinoa.  I do not consume dense carbohydrates at every meal or every day.  Few times a week is suffice.

Enjoy!   I hope you will like this dish!  It was exotic and spicy!  You can lessen the amount of spicy ingredients in this dish.

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Protein Banana Nut Bread Very low in carbohydrates and high in protein and no added sugar!

Power Protein and very low in carbohydrates without any added sugar Banana Nut Bread!!  Bananas got its own natural sugar, so you don't need to add any more sugar other than Stevia powder which is natural plant sugar but zero sugar, though!

Protein Banana Nut Bread Recipe

Definitely tastes like a regular banana nut bread only with healthy and gluten free ingredients

What you need:
~1 cup rolled oat flour (buy regular gluten free rolled oats and place 1 cup of oats into food blender and grind it until it turns into "flour" then you have oat flour.  This is required for this recipe)
~2 scoops of whey protein isolate (vanilla and carb-zero or low carb, I used ISOPURE)
~3 whole eggs
~1 tsp sea salt or pink salt
~1/2 tsp baking powder 
~2 TBS avocado oil or olive oil
~2 TBS stevia powder
~2 TBS unsweetened vanilla almond milk
~2 mashed very ripe bananas 
~1/3 cup unsweetened coconut chips or flakes or shredded 
~1/4 chopped or lightly grind the pecans (I placed pecans into food blender and grinder until finely chopped)
~1/2 of lemon, juiced
~zest of whole lemon

Simple ingredients you need.

Preheat your oven at 350 degrees.  Spray your bread pan heavily with coconut oil or olive oil. Mash your bananas into a mixing bowl.  Add the rest of wet ingredients and mix well.  Then add the dry ingredients to the wet mixture and mix well.   Then pour the mixture into bread pan.  Place it into the oven and bake for 35 minutes.  Depending on what kind of bread pan you are using. If metal then the baking time may be slightly different than the stoneware bread pan that I used.  You will need to keep your eye on your bread from time to time using toothpick or long knife or anything to stick into the bread and see if it is ready or not.  If no wet batter mixture sticks on the knife or long toothpick, then it is ready.  If not, let it bake for a little bit longer.   Metal or nonstick pan may take longer than stoneware pan.  35 minutes worked for me with this stoneware (Le Creuset).  When it is ready, take it out and let it cool for 20 minutes.  Then take the bread out of the pan and place it on a serving plate. (Turn the pan over and let the bread pan slide out.  If it does not work, use flat knife or spatula to help slide it out.)
The wet batter mixture in the bread pan.
Let it rest for 20 minutes so that it can slide out of the bread pan perfectly.
See, I waited for 20 minutes patiently so I could slide that bread out of the pan.  Doesn't it look gorgeous and heavenly delicious!  And, oh boy, were they so heavenly delicious too!!  I had 2 slices of that today after workout and after nap!  I used some coconut oil instead of butter but you can use any kind of spreads for the bread.  Butter, Coconut Oil, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Jam, etc...

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Monday, March 24, 2014

Superpower Cranberry-Pomegranate Hi-Protein Muffins

Perfect for a quick-on-the-go meal or a snack. Or just eat them anytime just because they are so heavenly delicious!! 

Superpower Cranberry-Pomegranate Hi-Protein Muffins

Too pretty to eat those!  Who cares, just dive in!  They were heavenly delicious!  Watching the portion?  For snacks: Women- eat one.  Men- eat two.  For Breakfast or a full meal: Women-eat 2 served with 1/3 cup of greek yogurt and 1/2 cup of fresh berries Men-eat 3 served with 2/3 cup of greek yogurt and 1 cup of fresh berries.  No rules in that, but you can modify the portion.  You control the portion, your body not mine.

What you need: (see picture below)
~Muffin Tin cups Pan ~Coconut or olive oil spray ~1/2 tsp baking soda ~1/2 baking powder ~1/4 tsp sea salt ~1 1/4 cup almond meal or flour (both are same thing) ~3 scoops of vanilla whey protein isolate ~3 whole eggs ~4 TBS water ~2 TBS melted coconut oil ~ ~15 or 20 drops of vanilla creme stevia liquid (add more or less to your taste) 1/3 cup of dried super cranberry & pomegranate ~ 2 tsp of unsweetened coconut chips or flakes or shredded ~2 TBS of chia seeds ~1/3 cup of walnuts, chopped ~mixing bowl ~ice cream scooper


Spray your muffin tin cups pan with coconut oil or olive oil.  Preheat the oven at 350 degrees.  In a mixing bowl, add in all ingredients except coconut flakes.  The mixture should look like cake batter (wet batter not like cookie dry dough).  If your batter seems too dry, add a little bit more water or melted coconut oil.  Add very little bit of that at a time slowly and stir to see if you have reached to the right consistency.) Use ice cream scooper to scoop the wet mixture into each muffin tin cup.  Top with few coconut flakes.  Bake for about 8-10 minutes.  Keep checking on these babies in the oven.  Use toothpick to insert in the center of each muffin cup to see if no wet batter have come out.  They will rise but don't be alarmed.  Its from leavening stuff (baking soda and baking powder).
Take it out and let it rest for a few minutes.  Serve warm with kerrygold butter or any grass-fed butter or coconut oil or coconut butter or peanut or almond butter.  The muffins may taste a little bit dry or not. That is why I like to add almond butter or butter with that.  Enjoy!!
See the wet batter in these cups.  Like cake batter.

Coconut flakes or chips
Rise, my babies!  Come to life!  We await on you!  

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Egg Whites Veggies Casserole

This recipe is super quick and easy.  Ridiculously easy!!!  Grab your leftover protein from previous meal to add into egg whites veggie casserole.  I used leftover chicken burger patties.

Egg Whites Veggies Casserole

You can add any kind of veggies.  Be creative.

What you need:
~casserole pan (ovenproof and sprayed with coconut oil or olive oil) ~half bottle of egg whites liquid ~1/2 cup of mushroom ~1cup cut up asparagus ~1 big handful of fresh spinach ~sea salt and black pepper.  ~optional: cayenne powder or red pepper flakes (dashes)

Spray your casserole pan with coconut oil or olive oil.  Lay down cut up asparagus onto bottom of the casserole pan.  Throw in mushroom over asparagus.  Then cut up your leftover 5 oz. protein and throw that over mushroom and asparagus.  Add spinach over the veggies and protein.  Pour in the egg white liquid over.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 40-45  minutes.  Keep checking from time to time and use toothpick to insert in the middle of the casserole dish to see if egg mixture has cooked through or not.  Cook more or less.  
After done, take it out and let it rest for 5-10 minutes before you chow it down!  Season with sea salt and pepper!  And some cayenne or red pepper flakes if you dare!

Mushroom and leftover chicken burger patty
half bottle of egg whites liquid or use the whole bottle if you want.  Increase the cooking time.
Viola!  We had those again the next morning.  Great leftovers too!!


~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Eric's Open-Faced Jalapeño Poppers

I usually let Eric, my husband,  make those jalapeño poppers because I do not enjoy cutting up jalapeños.  I love eating those though!

Eric's Open-Faced Jalapeño Poppers 

Heavenly Delicious and Spicy!  Cream Cheese will tame down the spiciness.  

What you need:
~Baking sheet pan lined with foil paper and top it with cookie rack (that will let juices or grease drip through) ~A bowl with water for jalapeños to submerge (helps to get some spiciness out) ~1 pound of fresh jalapeños, cut into half and seeded. ~1 block of cream cheese. ~ Bacon, cut into half and count how many jalapeños you have that you will need bacon for. 

Place halved jalapeños into a bowl of water.  Let them submerge for about 5-10 minutes before you prepare.  Then fill in bowls of halved jalapeños with cream cheese.  Place these on the top of cookie rack in the baking sheet pan facing up. Then top cream cheese with bacon.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  If these Bacon don't look cooked through, then turn on high broil to cook the bacon some more.  About 5-8 minutes.  Keep an eye out on these hot babies.  Be sure they don't burn.

See the baking sheet lined foil paper and topped with cookie rack.

Fill those cream cheese into bowls of halved jalapeños.
Then bacon.

Viola!!!  Easy, inst it?!  That's Open-Faced Jalapeño Poppers!


~Heavenly Delicious Recipe by Eric Emmons (Meli Emmons)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gluten-Free High Protein Flour-less Pancake

Was in the mood for some pancakes this morning.  I've seen several of athletes making high protein pancakes using whey protein powder via Instagram and Twitter!  So I thought I'd give it a try and modify/create something on my own to make Flour-less and Hi-Protein Pancake.  It was heavenly delicious!  Such a sweet treat without any guilt!!!!  Stop what you are doing and make this right now!!  ;-) Great for anytime meals or snacks or desserts!  

Heavenly and Guilt-free Delicious Pancake!

This is actually 1 serving pancake but I spilt it with my husband.  Makes 1 big pancake!  You can double or triple the ingredients if you want to make more than just 1 big pancake for the family.  Why High Protein?  Because 2 scoops of whey protein powder has about 50 grams of protein; hence high protein.  Your body needs some protein to start off with a first meal.   This is a macro nutrient meal.  ((Vegetarians?  Not a problem, use plant-based protein powder.  Omit Eggs.  Use a little bit more unsweetened rice or almond milk.  Chia seed, itself, will act as binding agent like eggs.  Just add a little bit of chia seed.  You can google up on how to make egg less binding agent.))

Gluten-Free High Protein Flour-less Pancake

What you need:
~A food blender (to grind down steel cut or rolled oats to make oat flour) ~1/2 cup of gluten-free steel cut oats ~1/4 cup of egg white liquid or 1 whole egg ~2 scoops of Banana or Vanilla flavored Whey Protein Isolate Powder (I used Banana Cream IsoPure, my favorite!!!) ~1/4 cup or more of unsweetened vanilla almond milk ~2 TBS of white or black chia seed ~Coconut Oil Spray

Simple Ingredients to make Pancakes
In a food blender, grind down the oats to a flour like.  Then add in the rest of the remaining ingredients and process.  It will be liquid-like batter.  Don't worry if they do not look like the traditional pancake batter.  This is because it is flour-less pancake.  They will be like pancake after you cook it.
Get the small frying skillet pan out (8 inch) and turn on the heat at medium to medium-low.  Spray coconut oil the frying pan.  When the pan is hot enough, pour the pancake batter into the pan and cook for about a minute.  Flip it over and cook for another minute.  If you feel like it is not cooked through yet, flip it over again and let it cook for a quick few seconds on each side.  
Slide the pancake onto a serving plate.  The pancake may not be as soft as traditional pancakes but they sure are so yummy!  It's like a cookie cake!  That is why it's called pancakes! Duh, right? :-)
The single pancake was so big so I spilt it to share it with my husband.  3/4 for my husband 1/4 for me.  Men eat more than women.   

Topping for the pancake:
1 Banana, shared with my husband (2/3 for him 1/3 for me) 2 strawberries, diced for me and 3 strawberries, diced for my husband.  Then drizzle some 100% pure grade-B maple syrup (or sugar and calorie free pancake syrup if you are watching your sugar intakes) over pancake.  I poured only 2 tsp of maple syrup on my pancake.  4 tsp for my husband.
Fire away and enjoy your pancake!!!!  Soooo heavenly delicious!  Such a sweet treat for us!  

You can choose any topping ingredients of your own.  Create away!  No rules in this!

Steel Cut Oat Flour.  Grind it in the food blender.
Pancake Batter in the skillet, see how big it is!?

Flip!   Yummmmmmyyyyy!!!
This is what my pancake breakfast looked like this morning!  

*****Don't forget you can make vegan alternatives to this recipe too!  Plant-based powder, chia seed and dairy-free liquid to make binding agent like egg.  Just add a little bit more.  Please google up for the instruction. *****

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Gluten-Free Tequila Lime-Ginger Cilantro Fish Taco with Rainbow Coleslaw

In mood for some fish taco?  Here's my yummy and easy recipe! It's light and refreshing to have this meal anytime!

                                        Heavenly Delicious Fish Taco!!!!

Gluten-Free Tequila Lime-Ginger Cilantro Fish Taco with Rainbow Coleslaw

What you need for Fish Marinade:
~Mixing bowl for marinade ~2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ 1/4 cup plus 1 TBS of lime juice ~4 or 5 oz of good silver tequila, more or less.  More, because I had a shot of tequila myself, hehe. ~Dashes of Cayenne ~1/2 TBS Cumin  ~1/2 bunch of Cilantro, finely chopped ~2 tsp or more Ginger, finely chopped ~2 tsp or more Garlic, finely chopped  ~Season with Sea Salt and Black Pepper.  ~7 or 8 of 4 oz. each fish filet (MahiMahi or Cod or Tilapia or any white fish) 

Add all ingredients except fish in the mixing bowl and mix well.  Then add in MahiMahi or Cod or Tilapia fish or any white fish and coat well.  (We had MahiMahi) Set aside and let it marinade in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.  From time to time during the marinade time, toss fish in the mixing bowl.

Fish Marinade Ingredients.  Fish not in picture because I wanted to keep these cold in the refrigerator.


Rainbow Coleslaw

What you need:
~Serving bowl ~3 Romaine leaves, finely shredded (like shredded cabbage) ~1/2 bunch of Cilantro, finely chopped ~Half a bag of Rainbow Coleslaw ~1 Jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped ~1 Green Apple, cored and finely chopped (this will surprise you! It helps balance out the tartness and spiciness in the slaw and it's high in fiber and keeps Doctors away too!) ~2 Campari Tomatoes, finely chopped ~ 1 or 2 TBS of Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~1 Whole Avocado, diced ~3 TBS of Lime Juice, more or less ~Season with Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Add all ingredients into a serving bowl and mix well. Taste to see if it needs more olive oil, lime, or salt, etc...  You can modify the ingredients.  Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit in the refrigerator while you cook the fish taco.

All the ingredients you need for the rainbow coleslaw.

Isn't that a pretty Rainbow Coleslaw?!

While the Rainbow Coleslaw sits in the refrigerator, it's time to cook the fish taco!

Cooking Direction:
Any kind of deep frying pan, or large skillet pan, or Dutch Oven.  I personally prefer Dutch Oven.  I don't know why, I just do. Add about 1-2 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil to the pan.  Turn on the heat at medium on the stove top.  When it gets hot enough, add fish taco including marinade.  Be sure they are laid down flatly in the pan.  Cook for about 4-5 minutes or longer on each side.  Be sure they are cooked through and lightly browned.  I like mine browned and lightly crisp.  After done, remove fish and place them onto a plate and cut them up into chunks or stripes to prepare a fish taco.

MahMahi Fish in the Dutch Oven on the stove top.

Topping for the taco and don't forget your tortillas:
We used Gluten-Free Potato tortillas (found at Sprouts.  Check your local food store to see if they have any) or you can use corn or flour tortillas.  We used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Or stick to sour cream if you prefer.  Cheese of your choice.  Then top it with Rainbow Coleslaw Squeeze some of lime juice over fish.  Enjoy your fish taco!!

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Refreshing Fizzy Grapefruit Mint-Ginger Drink

This drink is definitely refreshing!  Healthy Fizzy drink!

Refreshing Fizzy Grapefruit Mint-Ginger Drink

What you need:
-1 slice of grapefruit, peeled and seeded. Cut into quarters. 
-1/4 tsp minced fresh ginger
-2 mint leaves
-half or a whole can of chilled sparkling water (plain, any brand. I used La Croix)

Add a grapefruit slice or chunks, ginger, and mints into your favorite glass.   Then pour some sparkling water.  They taste heavenly delicious and refreshing!  


Enjoy your refreshing fizzy drink!  Has all these excellent vitamins and great health benefits!

-Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

Low-Carb Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Ridiculously easy to make tuna salad lettuce wraps!   Made in a jiffy!  

Low-Carb Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

What you need:
~3 oz. (for women) can of tuna packed in water, drained 5 oz. (for men) can of tuna packed in water, drained
~2 TBS of avocado (for men) 1 TBS of avocado (for women) Alternative to mayonnaise
~Half of cucumber, peeled and diced
~1-2 tsp freshly grated ginger
~Juice of half a lemon
~1 tsp of dried dill (optional)
~2 large green or romaine lettuce wraps (for women) 4 large green or romaine lettuce wraps (for men)

In a large mixing bowl, add all ingredients, except for lettuce wraps, and mix well.  If tuna is too dry, add a little bit more of avocado (This is the alternative to mayonnaise.  More healthy and clean this way).  Enjoy your tuna salad with lettuce wraps.  (This is the alternative to bread).  Plus a side dish of Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries.  (1/2 cup for women; 1 cup for men).   See sweet potato fries recipe link above.

Complete Macronutrient Lunch Meal

~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons

High Protein Very Low Carb Almond Butter Cookies

Only 4 ingredients to make these heavenly delicious cookies!  I told you I would not make my recipes complicated or long.

Great fitness or a quick pick-me-up-energy snack or guilt-free dessert for people who do not want to pack on unwanted pounds on their waist or weight!  Also great for pre or post workout bites.  Or a quick metabolism kick start first thing you wake up.  Very low in carbohydrates and high in protein! The good kind of carbs only come from the almond butter.   Here's the recipe!

High Protein Very Low Carb Almond Butter Cookies

What you need:
~2 scoops of any brand that has zero carbs whey protein isolate (I got IsoPure Banana Cream Zero Carb)
~2 whole eggs
~1/2 to 1 TBS stevia powder (taste the dough before you bake to see if you need more or less)
~1 cup of Almond Butter (natural, no added ingredients)

~Mixing bowl
~a spoon
~Silpat or Parchment paper
~Baking sheet, of course

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees.  Line your baking sheet with either silpat or parchment paper. Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and use your hands or a spoon to mix the dough well.  (no need to smother your hands with oil because the almond butter has natural oil in it).  Roll your cookies into balls and place them onto baking sheet.  (About 14 cookies, depends on how big you make them).  Use a spoon to press down the cookie balls (see the picture below).   Bake for 8-10 minutes.  Let these cookies cool for 10 minutes before you eat those.  

Heavenly Delicious Almond Butter Cookies!  I can taste banana in these because I used Banana Cream IsoPure Whey Protein Isolate.  
Ingredients, only 4!  (only 1 egg in the picture but you need 2!)
What it looks like after mixed
Use a spoon to press down the cookie dough.

Ridiculously simple and easy, right?!


~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons