Saturday, April 5, 2014

Power Breakfast Smoothie

Need to have something quick breakfast on the go or very hungry but not in the mood to cook or clean up?  Or a great pick-me-up energy snack in the afternoon? Or for any reasons!

I woke up a little later than normal this morning and I did not want to eat something heavy nor too hungry either.  So I made up this yummy and quick smoothie.  I made this as my pre-workout smoothie (drink this or eat something light 2-3 hours prior to workout, my suggestion.)

Green SuperFood is awesome!  I have a couple of yummy recipes for you which I will post on my blogs later!  My son does not like to eat vegetables very much but this, Super Greenfood, he does like in his smoothies!  Kid approved!

Here's this heavenly delicious Power Breakfast Smoothie recipe!

What you need:
~ 1 scoop Green Superfood powder (any flavor)
~1 scoop Isopure Whey Protein (I used Banana Cream flavor)
~1 cup Frozen Berries
~1 Frozen Banana (or fresh banana but add some ice too)
~1/4 cup Plain Greek Yogurt (2% fat, you need the healthy fat but if you have 0% fat, then add 1 TBS of coconut oil)
~1 cup of unsweetened any non-dairy milk (almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, etc..)
~1-2 tsp of fresh ginger, chopped (not pictured, but this will aid in digestion plus other benefits too!)

All ingredients but ginger.  I threw in ginger at last minute!   You can make up any ingredients to your liking!  

Throw ALL ingredients in your blender and blend until frothy and smooth!  

Yields: 2 person drinks (1 cup per person)  I saved the remaining for my post workout.  Save the remaining in the refrigerator.  You can blend it again with a couple of ice to make it frothy again.


~Heavenly Delicious Recipes by Meli Emmons